Former Chancellor G. Schroeder defends Berlin’s refusal to send weapons to Ukraine

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Former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder today defended Berlin’s refusal to hand over weapons to Ukraine, justifying the transfer of Russian forces to the Ukrainian border in response to NATO maneuvers in the Baltic states and Poland. However, he expressed the assessment that there will be no Russian intervention in Ukraine.

“I hope that they will finally stop sharpening their swords in Ukraine. Because what is being heard there, including the accusations against Germany for its reasonable refusal to hand over weapons, sometimes goes beyond the limits,” Schroeder told the news podcast. “Die Agenda”, while referring to the concentration of Russian forces in the area of ​​the Ukrainian border, referred to the NATO maneuvers in the Baltic countries and in Poland: “This certainly has implications for the perception and analysis of the threat from Russia. This must be “one takes this into account if one wants a settlement with Russia.”

Asked if a Russian military intervention in Ukraine is possible, however, the former chancellor, who has been a close friend of the Russian president for years, has been a director of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines and a member of its Board of Auditors. Rosneft replied: “I do not believe so. And I do not think that the Russian leadership has an interest in intervening militarily in Ukraine.”


Source From: Capital

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