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Former Russian spy reveals how she manipulated her targets into becoming 'obsessed' with her

A former Russian spy made shocking revelations about how she used sex to extract critical information from her “targets” in an interview on a new podcast from Tenderfoot TV and iHeartPodcasts, titled “To Die For'. After charming her targets as an “agent of seduction,” Russian Aliia Roza now living in Los Angeles is breaking her silence. She is perhaps the only former spy who talks about her past, her training by the Russian Federal Security Service FSB – successor to the KGB – in sexespionage techniques, her goals and missions. “It's been more than two decades that I kept my mouth shut, but for some reasons I could no longer maintain my silence. I could not live with this pain, even though I have gone through all these mental traumas. If I didn't do it, then who would?' said the former spy, according to Fox News Digital. THE […]
Source: News Beast

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