Former Trump officials allege mishandling of confidential documents

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A former Donald Trump employee told CNN who was not surprised to learn that the National Archives found boxes with classified (secret) records that “were handled, mixed with other documents and inappropriately identified (sic)”.

According to this source, the former president was known to wander around both the White House and Mar-a-Lago and take documents out of boxes, look at them, and then put them in other boxes or beside them, often without method or reason. for that.

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Sources also said Trump was constantly putting things in piles and leaving them in his office to be read later. These piles often included everything from newspaper clippings to the briefing diary delivered to the president.

The businessman also reportedly wrote notes on the back of other presidential documents – even when aides told him not to.

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Another source described how Trump would display the documents to visitors, including letters between himself and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, indicating the lack of protocol he appeared to have with the texts.

Justice Department releases document justifying operation

An edited version of the search warrant statement for former US President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property was released Friday following orders from a federal judge.

The text was presented by the US Department of Justice to justify the FBI operation, which took place earlier this month. The agency explains why investigators believed there was a probable cause for the crimes to have been committed and the material that agents expected to find in the residence.

Read the document in full and details at this link.

Source: CNN Brasil

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