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Former United States Vice President Mike Pence backs Trump’s insurgent enemy

Former United States Vice President Mike Pence on Monday night campaigned for one of former President Donald Trump’s deadly enemies in the Republican primary for Georgia. remain attached to the past.

Prior to today’s vote, Pence did not directly criticize Trump in his speech in favor of the current governor Brian Kemp, nor did he mention the name of the former senator David Perdue, whom Trump supports in the mentioned internal party confrontation.

“Elections are for the future. There are those who want to make this election a thing of the past,” Pence told a crowd of dozens of supporters at an airport. “When you say yes to Governor Brian Kemp tomorrow “Tuesday will send a deafening message across America that the Republican Party is the party of the future,” Pence said.

Kemp did not comply with Trump’s demand for a reversal of the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. According to these results, incumbent President Joe Biden won by a narrow margin in the said state. Kemp’s disobedience to Trump’s wishes made him an immediate target for the former president’s verbal attacks.

Trump’s support for Perdue is one of the former president’s most dangerous and most prominent choices, among the more than 190 cases in which he has publicly voiced his support for the November 8 congressional by-elections. Polls suggest Kemp is well ahead of Perdue.

Trump is seeking to assert his political influence as Republicans nominate their candidates for the upcoming election, which will determine control of Congress, as well as a number of seats in state legislatures.

“We are in a battle for the soul of our state. We cannot take tomorrow for granted,” Kemp said yesterday.

Pence and Kemp praised the Trump administration’s policies and attacked Stacey Abrams, a Democrat who has led the minority in the state House of Representatives, which is expected to clash with him. of the political reality of 2018.

“Brian Kemp defeated Stacey Abrams four years ago with your support. Brian Kemp will do it again,” Pence said.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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