Former US Presidential Candidate Andrew Young Ready to Support Cryptocurrency Community

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The chairman of the newly formed Forward Party, Andrew Young, wants his party to represent the US cryptocurrency community.

The former Democratic Party politician in his podcast compared the development of the cryptoindustry to the slogan of his party – The Forward Party. The slogan of the party is “Not to the right! Not to the left! Forward!” according to Young, it is the best way to characterize the development of the cryptocurrency market, since it is also moving forward. The American entrepreneur believes that his party should be closely
tied with American crypto enthusiasts.

“I want to use the resources of The Forward Party to convince the government that the cryptocurrency community is about progress, innovation and job creation.”

The entrepreneur said that protecting cryptocurrencies will be the main focus of his political organization. Young said he hoped digital assets could be very helpful in addressing U.S. problems such as an inefficient banking system and inefficient money supply following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I hope we can sensitize Washington to the fact that cryptocurrencies should be accepted and used in the US. If we implement our plans, we will be able to solve our biggest problems, which we have been struggling with for a long time. ”

Unlike Elon Musk, who recently stated that the US government “shouldn’t do anything” in terms of cryptocurrency regulation, Young believes that investors cannot operate in the market without clear regulation.

“I don’t think it is possible to develop a crypto industry without rules. There must be some regulation if you want to do it right and wisely. ”

Andrew Young is not a random figure in the cryptoindustry, and he inextricably connects his political career with the cryptoindustry. A new political organization called The Forward Party, which supports cryptocurrencies, was founded by Andrew Young quite recently. But as the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, Young called for greater clarity on cryptocurrency regulation. In 2018, the politician was already making plans to regulate US cryptocurrencies.

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