Four girlfriends went up a mountain in Wales in their underwear for a good cause

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A group of women decided to go up Mountain Snowden of Wales, wearing only underwear, in order to raise money for charity.

Friends Abi Gentle-Spens, Maria Cairns, Lorna Turner and Cassie Davey from Kent, UK were left with only underwear and climbed the 1,085-meter mountain for the Rethink mental health charity.

They completed their goal in 4.5 hours and celebrated it with a bottle of Prosecco, according to the Daily Mail.

The four girlfriends are depicted in photos posing for a hug with its impressive landscape Wales behind them.

Their project took place on Saturday, May 29th. They originally planned to climb the mountain last year, but their plans were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A mother of two, Abi, 35, said: “We all have different reasons for keeping mental health close to our heart and we wanted to do something about it. “We talked about climbing in our underwear but we were a little uncertain due to body confidence issues and then we decided we could do it to get a message across.”

Cassie, 26, added: “No one will look the same, we are all different. It has to do with people’s view of others. “You just have to be more of a role model and show that you don’t care what people think.”

Lorna, 37, said: “We went up to Snowden and thought we could try to conquer everything. It has to do with the confidence of the body and to show that if we can do it, then everyone can. “We tried to give people a little more confidence in mental health.”

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