Four migrants found dead after freezing cold on US-Canada border

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The bodies of four people, including a baby, were found Wednesday a few meters from the border. USA by Canada, on a road commonly used by illegal immigrants, Canadian police announced on Thursday (20/1).

“From the first signs, we believe they all died of hypothermia,” she said Royal Gendarmerie of Canada, the federal police, in its announcement.

The baby and two adults were found dead just 12 meters from the border with USA and 10 km east of it Emerson, in Manitoba. The body of another teenager, who appears to be a teenager, was found shortly afterwards.

Wednesday morning Americans border guards located a group of people who had crossed the border. One was carrying baby items, but there was no baby among them. Investigations then began on both sides of the border. After four hours and while very difficult weather conditions prevailed in the area, the bodies were found.

The nationality of the victims is unknown. Police are trying to identify them and are continuing investigations in the area.

In a press conference she gave, the deputy director of her police Manitoba Jane McLaughlin He said the four men were probably “abandoned alone in the midst of a snowstorm” and polar cold, as temperatures in the area had dropped to -35 degrees. During the night they were forced to cross a large, open area that was covered with a thick layer of snow and it was impossible to cross it on foot. Police were forced to use snowmobiles and other all-terrain vehicles to search the area.

The town for a few years now Emerson has become one of the routes used by migrants to travel between the two countries. North America. THE Maklatsi noted that attempts had been reduced for a year, after the border was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The central and eastern Canada It is affected by a strong wave of cold, with strong winds and the temperature has dropped below -30 ° C.

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