Four out of ten Brazilians are considering changing jobs in 2022, says survey

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Four out of ten Brazilians are willing to change jobs in 2022, according to data from a survey carried out by the PageGroup, consultancy specializing in executive recruitment.

The study, entitled “Perspectives for the Labor Market 2022”, was carried out in different countries in Latin America, and also found that more than half of professionals in the region, 53.3%, are open to receiving job offers.

“The changes in the job market caused by the pandemic have led professionals to a generalized reflection on their careers”, said Gil van Delft, president of PageGroup in Brazil.

“Today, whether for salary reasons or not, many are looking for new opportunities in search of personal and professional development, which indicates that the commitment to the organizations of which they are part is relative”, he added.

According to the Latin American consultancy, around 3,000 employees participated in the survey, between September and October 2021.

Most of them were executives of private and mixed capital organizations from different companies and sectors in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Peru.

PageGroup reported that “the objective of the study was to understand the main trends in the Latin American labor market in 2022”.

The study indicates that some companies are already looking to retain good professionals, with benefits and other attractions that can help keep them.

Among the strategies adopted, 41.3% seek to offer attractive benefits combined with competitive remuneration, while 40.3% provide learning and development opportunities and 22.7% negotiate flexible work contracts.

The survey also revealed that the benefits that companies intend to offer over the next 12 months go far beyond salary compensation.

Among the participating Brazilian companies, 57.9% responded that the availability of a health plan (57.9%) is among the incentives to attract professionals. Flexible hours (52.3%) and bonus (40.6%) complete the list of the most offered incentives.

high sectors

The study showed that the Technology, Healthcare and Life Sciences sectors are the focus of emerging markets this year.

Data analysis and protection (37%), artificial intelligence (38.7%) and biotechnology (38.4%) are among the most valued areas by companies today, which consequently generates an increase in the demand for professionals who work in these functions.

hybrid model

The most favorable working model to be adopted in 2022 is the hybrid, according to the survey. Data show that there was a partial return to the office in all countries that were part of the study, with 37.5% of professionals.

Still, about 20% of participants continue to work exclusively from home, even with the easing of distancing rules.

Brazil is the country with the highest percentage of on-site employees, albeit in a staggered way: 44.3% said they are working in a hybrid or mixed modality.

The survey also highlights the so-called “digital nomads” — professionals who use technology to work remotely, regardless of where they are.

According to the data obtained, 44% of the companies in the region have people working in a country other than their headquarters.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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