Fourlis: From 18/1 on the board the shares from AMK due to stock options

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On Tuesday, January 18, 2022, the trading on the Athens Stock Exchange of 39,943 new common registered shares of Fourlis, resulting from the recent increase of its share capital by 39,943.00 euros, which corresponds to the nominal value of the new shares (ie 39.9) , 00 euros) and in the amount of 88,777.33 euros in favor of the premium.

This increase is due to the exercise of the rights of the 2nd Stock option plan by eight (8) executives, at a share price of 3,2226 euros, according to the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders of 27.09.2013 and the relevant decisions of the Board of Directors dated 25.11.2013, 24.11.2014 and 23.11.2015. the company’s.

On 11/01/2022 they were registered in the General Commercial Register (G.E.M.I.) through the Directorate of Companies & G.E.M.I. of the Ministry of Development & Investment as the competent Supervisory Authority, the increase of the share capital of the Company, in the amount of 39,943.00 euros with cash payment and issue of 39,943 new shares with a nominal value of 1.00 euros and a sale price of 3.2226 euros each (K .Α.Κ 2773271).

It is noted that, following the above increase, the share capital now amounts to the amount of 52,131,944.00 euros, divided into 52,131,944 registered shares with a nominal value of 1.00 euros each.

The Corporate Operations Committee of the Athens Stock Exchange at its meeting of January 13, 2022 approved the listing for trading of the above 39,943 new common registered shares of the Company.

A decision of the company stipulates that the above new shares will be traded on the ATHEX. from January 18, 2022. From the same date, the starting price of the Company’s shares on the ATHEX will be adjusted in accordance with the ATHEX Regulations. and the decision no. 26 of the BoD. of ATHEX as in force, the new shares will have been credited to the units and securities accounts of the eligible shareholders in the Intangible Securities System (DSS).

For more information, Messrs. shareholders can be informed by the relevant information form of Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 of 14 June 2017, which is available in electronic form on the ATHEX website. and on the company’s website, as well as can be addressed to the Shareholder Service Department of the company tel. 210-6293004, Mr. George Alevizos.


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