Fourteen spa treatments for men only

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Self-care is officially genderless. Make-up included. It is no longer surprising to see a man with manicured nails or a trickle of makeup – especially among young people – as it is not new that aesthetic medicine is increasingly attentive to the needs of the male public, you see the increasingly frequent requests for what is coming defined retouch hunter’s eyes.

More and more men are not only attentive to their own well-being, but they love carve out moments of relaxation to eliminate stress or to look fit and obviously slow down the aging process.

There are many spas that today offer specific treatments and massages for him that take into account the needs of men’s skin.

The most loved by the male universe remain body massages, which immediately eliminate muscle tension and discomfort caused by daily stress, work, sport or even just the time spent sitting in the car or in the office.

But men are paying more and more attention also to the face. Wrinkles, fine lines, dull or stressed skin.

From creams and beauty products specific for men also the spa treatments are chosen by him for delay the appearance of wrinkles o relax and restore luster to the skin of the face.

The active ingredients used are often the same as those used in the rituals reserved for women, but the manual skills tend to be more vigorous, the aromas used are more spicy and musky and it is almost never overlooked the scalp, treated with massages and lotions aimed at reinvigorating the hair bulbs and giving new lymph to the hair.

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