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Frame by frame the moment a cruise ship crashes into a pier in Turkey

Video shows the moment a large cruise ship crashes into a jetty in a Turkish port after desperately trying to slow down to avoid an accident. The attempt was unsuccessful. The cruise ship Celestyal Journey was making a routine port call in Kusadasi, Turkey last week when it struck the concrete pier with its bow bulb. As the “Daily Mail” reports, the crew miscalculated the speed and approached the pier too quickly, resulting in the collision. Members of the ship's 597 crew reportedly lowered the anchor in an attempt to slow the approach, but despite their efforts the ship ran aground. The collision caused minimal damage to the ship and pier, and no injuries were reported. The port, which has eight berths for large ships, is the most popular cruise port in Turkey. Officials say the incident has no negative impact on business. Celestyal Cruises, which operates the vessel […]
Source: News Beast

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