Frame Condé Nast: ideas and inspirations to celebrate Valentine’s Day

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After all, celebrating Valentine’s Day means surprising and preparing something special for your “half”. But it’s not always that easy to go from thought to action. A little for lack of ideas or for the fear of falling into banality. So where to look for the right advice? With this in mind, Frame Condé Nast has thought of a schedule completely dedicated to Valentine’s Day, accessible on the Instagram profile @condenastframe.

From today until February 14, fans of the first Condé Nast Experience Store, opened in partnership with Pasticceria San Carlo, can draw advice and draw inspiration from a series of events that have the party of lovers “in their hearts”. The “bases” are laid by the astrologer Gabi Lussi with the love horoscope sign by sign, declined in useful ideas to define the mood of the month. Then there is the shopping guide of exclusive products and selected brands available from Frame Condé Nast: buying is easy, just send a direct message on the Instagram page or write an email to

In a tutorial key, the experts of Yvat & Klerb they explain how to make a beautiful love card by hand and what are the rules of the sentimental package. On the other hand these are among the fundamentals of Valentine’s Day. History says that the most characteristic feature of the Festa has always been the exchange of valentine, love cards often shaped in the shape of stylized hearts or according to other typical themes of the popular representation of romantic love: the dove, the image of Cupid with bow and arrows.

Dinner, a must of the most romantic evening of the year, will find in the recommendations by Tableset Luxury Rentals the secret of its beauty: let’s talk about mise en place and how to create a perfect one for the occasion. From Pasticceria San Carlo come themed desserts accompanied by the salient passages of the recipes, ça va sans dire, to be prepared and enjoyed in two. Finally, one of the best known artists in the field of paper art, Su Blackwell, through one of her works gives us an idea outside the box. With one of the Condé Nast magazines in hand, would you be able to reproduce it?

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