France: 110,000 counterfeit health certificates detected

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There are 110,000 fake COVID-19 health certificates in France, AFP was informed today by the environment of French Interior Minister Geral Darmanen.

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“More than 100 arrests have been made in the 400 investigations that have begun to open,” Geral Darmanen told France 2 television following the mandatory health pass in some places this summer.

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“These arrests target users and traffickers at the same time,” he said.

“The problem with fake health passes is that there is often a synergy between real doctors or real nurses,” he said, adding that “this is very difficult to prove.”

“Sentences with suspended sentences and sometimes without suspension” have already been issued, “mainly for pass users”, continued Darmanen, who stressed that the sentence that can be imposed is up to five years in prison.

In late November, a Parisian doctor suspected of selling at least 220 counterfeit health certificates was remanded in custody.

The interior minister also called for an end to the prosecution of people who had forged certificates but wanted to comply with the rules.

According to the latest available data, almost 3,000 patients are in the intensive care unit and this number is expected to reach 4,000 during the festive period by the end of the year, said the representative of the French government Gabriel Atal.

A health defense council is expected to be held tomorrow, Friday, in the afternoon.

Source: AMPE


Source From: Capital

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