France: 120,000 households left without electricity after bad weather in Oror

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At least 120.000 households remain without electricity although train traffic is gradually being restored today, Thursday, to the north France, due to the bad weather that sweeps part of western Europe since yesterday.

Electricity has returned to over 50% of 250,000 households sunk in the dark this morning, said the management company of electricity in France Enedis, in an update this afternoon on the evolution of the situation.

Almost “4,000 technicians and employees of service providers are located on foot“, Added Enedis.

In the railway network, “hundreds of incidents” occurred “with tree falls, branches and various objects (a trampoline, tarpaulins, sheets, etc.), which were removed and flew away ending up in rails or in chain links, “according to SNCF, the French railway company.

Traffic, however, is improving in the worst-hit areas (Normandy, de France, Ile-de-France, Lorraine and Campania Ardennes), the SNCF told AFP.

In Ile-de-France, the problems recorded in the morning on the suburban routes to Paris also are restored gradually.

The storm “Aurore”, which swept the north of France since yesterday afternoon, moved to the eastern part of the country on Wednesday night to Thursday and is already affecting Germany.

It is pointed out that gusts of speed winds 175km/time recorded at Fecamp (Saint-Maritime), 143 km/time in Granville (Channel), 134 km/time in Ile de Croix (Morbian) and 109 km/time in Paris Montserrat, according to the French Meteorological Service Météo France.

Photo source: YouTube / euronews

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