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France announced the freezing of the assets of the leader of Hamas in Gaza

France has ordered a six-month freeze on the assets of the head of the Palestinian movement Hamas in Gaza, of Yahya Shinuar, considered the architect of the October 7 attack against Israel, according to a decree published today in the Government Gazette.

Funds and economic resources owned, held or controlled by Mr Yahya Sinouar (…) are subject to an asset freezing measureis clarified in the decree of November 30 of the Minister of Economy Bruno Lemaire, which comes into force today.

His ministry was not immediately available to clarify the amount of these assets.

Yahya Sinuar, 61, is the architect of the October 7 attack: that day, hundreds of Palestinian militants stormed kibbutzim, military bases and a rave party in Israel, which experienced its worst attack on civilians since its creation in 1948, with a death toll of 1,200 according to Israel.

According toAccording to Hamas, which runs Gaza, the bombings and fighting carried out by Israel since then have killed nearly 16,000 people, mostly civilians.

In November, the French undersecretary for Europe, Laurence Bunn, advocated European sanctions targeting high-ranking Hamas officials, mainly financial ones, which could take the form of an asset freeze.

In a similar decree dated November 13, Paris had announced a six-month freeze on the assets of Mohammed Daif, who heads the military wing of Hamas and has been on the US list of most wanted international terrorists since 2015. The latter’s deputy Marouane Issa had also been targeted for sanctions.

For its part, London also imposed sanctions – asset freezes, arms embargoes, travel bans – on six people: four Hamas leaders and two people accused of funding the group, including Mohammed Daif and Yahya Sinwar .

Source: News Beast

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