France: Appeal from Prime Minister Bourne for the spirit of compromise to prevail

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The program statements of the government were presented today before the French National Assembly by the Prime Minister of France, Elizabeth Bourne, asking the opposition parties to deal with them with a sense of responsibility and with a willingness to compromise, where possible. An admonition that probably did not fall on deaf ears, since the tensions and disapprovals were not absent from the plenary hall of the National Assembly.

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The French Prime Minister has already clarified that, as she has the right, she will not ask the National Assembly for a vote of confidence, which she would probably not receive, since the Macron faction has a relative, but not an absolute, majority. However, it will be faced with a form proposal from the alliance of the parties of the left, which is not expected to be approved, since it will not be outvoted by the parties of the extreme right and the right.

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“The French are asking us to talk to each other more, to talk better and to build together,” Bourne told MPs, asking “to give meaning to the word compromise, which has been forgotten” but clarifying that this “does not mean erasing the our differences, nor renunciation of our beliefs”.

“It is time to enter the age of forces building together,” said Elizabeth Bourne, adding that “a relative majority does not entail relative action and will not be a cause of paralysis.”

According to the prime minister, “our first challenge is to respond to the urgent issue of strengthening the purchasing power of the French”, recalling that “many measures have been taken since last autumn” and that without them electricity prices would have increased by 30% – instead of 4% – and gas prices by 45%, while they are now “locked”.

The prime minister then addressed the economic side of the government’s policy, saying that “our economic growth will be weaker than expected, inflation will be higher and the debt burden will increase.”

“Our goals are also clear: in 2026 we have to start reducing the debt. In 2027 we have to reduce the deficit below 3%,” said Bourne, who on energy issues spoke to reduce production from fossil fuels and to increase investment in nuclear.

Referring finally to the pension, Elizabeth Bourne said that the French insurance system is one of the most generous in Europe, but also that the retirement age is one of the lowest and should gradually increase. These reports provoked the strong reaction of the opposition MPs, with the result that the meeting was interrupted for a while.


Source: Capital

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