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France: Battle to put out ‘monster’ forest fire near Bordeaux

THE France fights to extinguish one fire “monster” in the Latira area near Bordeauxone of the largest and most famous wine regions, Gregory Allion of the French fire service FNSPF said today.

“I would describe the fire in Ladira as one mega-firehe said to the RTL radio station. “It’s a monsterhe added.

Wildfires have burned swathes of land in the Gironde region near Bordeaux in southwestern France this week, destroying homes and forcing 10,000 residents to flee the areasome of whom climbed onto the roofs of their houses as the flames approached.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne and Interior Minister Gérald Darmanen are expected to travel to the Gironde today in order to demonstrate the mobilization of the authorities during the summer holidays.

Φωτιές στη ΓαλλίαΦωτιές στη ΓαλλίαFires in France

The minister has stated that suspects it is about arson as between 8 A.M. and 9 a.m. on Wednesday eight fires broke out in very close proximity.

“The residents are worried but disciplined. However, there is too much fatigue, enough is enoughVincent Isard, the mayor of Mustey, where 250 of the 680 residents were evacuated in the neighboring Llande prefecture, told AFP.

Overall, as reported by APE-MPE, more than 400,000 acres burned this year in France, according to the government, or 500,000 hectares, according to European satellite data: in any case, this figure is many times the annual average of the previous 15 years, as in Spain, and the summer is not yet over. And it’s not expected to rain before Sunday.

Φωτιές στη ΓαλλίαΦωτιές στη ΓαλλίαFires in France

35 degrees Celsius tomorrow in Paris

One of its most scientifically verified effects climate change is that the heat waves will multiply, lengthen and intensify. A heat wave is defined by three criteria: unusually high temperatures, hot nights that do not allow the body to cool down, and long duration.

Scientists estimate that in Europe, the number of deaths related to heat stress could double or even triple depending on the extent of global warming over the course of the century.

The current heat wave in France started on July 31 and is the third of the year after those in late June and mid-July.

To these was added a July that was characterized as the driest month since… March 1961.

This time it is cooler than mid-July, when several high temperature records were broken with the thermometer exceeding 40 degrees Celsius in several areas, including Nantes (west) which recorded 42°. The United Kingdom recorded 40 points for the first time.

Eighteen departments, from the south-west to the tip of Brittany, are today on orange alert, the alert level where residents should be “very careful”. The highest level, red, has not yet been activated as of mid-July.

Today it is expected that the temperature will range from 33 to 36 degrees in Brittany (west) and from 36 to 40 degrees further south.

Tomorrow Friday, 35 degrees Celsius is expected in the Paris area. Only storms arriving from the southwest on Sunday will finally drop the temperature sharply below 30C.

Source: News Beast

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