France: Company stops selling canoes to prevent migrants from crossing the English Channel

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The French sportswear company Decathlon stopped selling canoes and other small boats in four of its stores located in its northern part France, near English Channel, in order that Immigrants not be able to buy them and try to cross the sea to reach Britain.

More specifically, this decision of the company was taken after a large increase was observed this month in the number of immigrants who attempt to make this dangerous voyage from France to Britain.

Decathlon announces it is withdrawing all canoes and inflatable boats from its stores in Good, τη Grand- Cent, τη Bolon-sir- Mer and Le Touquet. These cities are departure points for immigrants, according to the APE-MPE.

“We are committed to never endangering our customers by using our products, regardless of circumstances,” the company said in a statement.

Rescue equipment, such as life jackets, will continue to be available at all Decathlon stores.

Hundreds of migrants took advantage of the good sea conditions in November and attempted to cross into Britain, often in inflatable boats, but also by jet ski or canoe.

The French port announced yesterday Tuesday (16/11) that it rescued 272 people in the English Channel last night.

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