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France: Concern in Europe about the possibility of the far right prevailing in the parliamentary elections

Although France’s presidential election is delayed, as it is scheduled for 2027, the prospect of Marine Le Pen’s “poulein”, the 29-year-old president of her party, Jordan Bardela, being called to become the country’s prime minister is a challenge that citizens will have to face from now on. As reported in the French newspaper Le Figaro by Bernard Guetta, MEP of the Macron faction, the impact in the event of the far right prevailing in France would be “gigantic and tragic”, while another government MEP, Pascal Canfen, recognizes that France has left weakened. from the European elections, starting with the two meetings of the heads of state and government of the EU that will take place in June and where the main issue will be the agreement on the persons who will take over the leading European positions for the next few years. According to the newspaper, both the French president and the German chancellor will be relatively weakened by the results of the European elections. […]
Source: News Beast

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