France – Corona virus: Immunologist warns of an increase in cases due to a new variant of the Omicron mutation

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Its sub-variant BQ.1.1 coronavirus prevails over BA.5 in Francesaid the immunologist Brigitte Autranchairman of the Commission for the Monitoring and Prediction of Health Risks (COVARS), on the BFMTV network.

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The recent outbreak of Covid-19 cases is, according to Otran, the “beginning of a wave” although the increase is “not yet noticeable”. “The trend is not good, it is upward”due to the specific subvariant of the virus.

BA.5 – a sub-variant of the Omicron mutation of the coronavirus that was prevalent in France until this stage – “already replaced, scanned by BQ.1.1, which is the “baby” of BA.5″explained. “This particular sub-variant is more contagious and accounts for the current increase in the number of new infections”he added.

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Brigitte Autran also reported that currently scientists do not know if the BQ.1.1 subvariant is more dangerous than the previous ones, however, is considered more contagious. For this reason, he said that it is absolutely necessary for citizens to take precautionary measures and to get vaccinated, emphasizing that vaccines guarantee protection against serious illness and death due to complications of Covid-19. He also reiterated the need to wear a mask at least on public transport and in crowded places.

Source: News Beast

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