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France: Emmanuel Macron’s party was renamed “Renaissance”.

Emmanuel Macron’s party has officially changed its name, with the result that it is now called “Renaissance”. Its members met on Saturday at the Carrousel of the Louvre, a few meters from the Pyramid where the youngest president of the French Republic celebrated his first victory of 2017.

“Without unity, the extremes will win,” warned Macron, now honorary president of “Renaissance”, who beat far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election in May, but she won 42% of the vote. . That is, 2.6 million votes more than the second round of 2017.

In the parliamentary elections of June, the party lost the absolute majority in the National Assembly.

The party’s general secretary is Stéphane Cezournet, 37, a former associate of Macron and president of the Renaissance parliamentary group in the European Parliament.

Source: News Beast

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