France: Emmanuel Macron’s party was renamed “Renaissance”.

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Emmanuel Macron’s party has officially changed its name, with the result that it is now called “Renaissance”. Its members met on Saturday at the Carrousel of the Louvre, a few meters from the Pyramid where the youngest president of the French Republic celebrated his first victory of 2017.

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“Without unity, the extremes will win,” warned Macron, now honorary president of “Renaissance”, who beat far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election in May, but she won 42% of the vote. . That is, 2.6 million votes more than the second round of 2017.

In the parliamentary elections of June, the party lost the absolute majority in the National Assembly.

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The party’s general secretary is Stéphane Cezournet, 37, a former associate of Macron and president of the Renaissance parliamentary group in the European Parliament.

Source: News Beast

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