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France faces the risk of anarchy – Who will be the new prime minister?

France is entering one of the most critical, perhaps, weeks of modern politics in history, to the extent that from next Thursday, July 18, it is in danger of being in a state of anarchy. And this is because the French National Assembly will be convened as a body and at this stage no one can guarantee whether the government with Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, who was appointed at the beginning of the year by President Emmanuel Macron, will be in place, or possibly fall after a motion of censure with which the absolute majority of the deputies of the National Assembly will agree. Moreover, by next Thursday, the seventeen members of the current government formation, who were elected parliamentarians, should have decided whether – in the event that the Atal government has not resigned – they prefer to be temporary ministers, or instead parliamentarians, since between in the two positions, there is an irreconcilable. The major problem at the present stage is that in order to have a government that will have self-reliance, that is […]
Source: News Beast

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