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France: He tied up a taxman who went to his house for an inspection, murdered him and then committed suicide

A tragic incident occurred in Franceas a man tied up one at gunpoint fiscal who went to his house to check, then slaughtered him with a knife and then he committed suicide.

According to the Reuters agency, the prosecutor of Aras that two tax inspectors, a man and a woman, arrived at the suspect’s house yesterday, Monday, to check the accounts of his company, a shop selling antiques and second-hand goods. There the trader threatened them with a gun and tied them up.

The prosecutor said the 43-year-old tax official was found dead and bound, having suffered multiple stab wounds to the back and chest. The other tax official, a 39-year-old woman, was found tied to a chair and freed by police.

The suspect was found dead in a part of the home in an apparent suicide by gunshot wound to the chest, and a gun was found near him.

“We believe this is a case of premeditated murder as the victims had made an appointment with the suspect so he knew he was going to meet them and we also found tourniquets at the scene,” the prosecutor said.

He added that a tax investigation had been underway since last May, but did not give details about the investigation.

The murdered tax official was the head of the public finance center of the northern city of Aras. The suspect did not have a criminal record, but in 2019 he was required to attend anger management classes after arguing with minors, the prosecutor added.

Source: News Beast

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