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France: “I entered the election campaign late,” says Macron

France: “I entered the election campaign late,” says Macron

The French President, Emanuel Macronrunning for a second term in the presidency elections the first round of which will be held this Sunday, said today that entered the election campaign later than he wished, while warning of the financial consequences that a victory will have Marin Lepen.

“Indeed, I entered the election campaign lateMacron told French radio station RTL, explaining that this was due to the diplomatic situation due to the war in Ukraine.

At the same time, as reported by the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, Macron explained that the slogan that leads him is: “I conquer, I persuade, I move forward”, while he assured that “I have a perception of conquest and not defeat”.

However, the outgoing French president stressed that “nothing is a given” and explained that the logic that led him during his term is that “I always believe that I have to win something”.

According to the BVA poll for RTL and Orange, in the first round of the presidential elections to be held this Sunday Macron has 26% of the vote, compared to 23% for his main rival, Marin Le Pen.

In the second round, which will take place on April 24, the outgoing president seems to be winning by 53%, as the far-right candidate is gaining ground in recent weeks.

Macron warned today in another interview with Le Parisien newspaper that if Le Pen is elected, the social reform program he is promoting will drive international investors away.

“Le Pen’s social reform program is a lie because it can not fund it (…) When he says ‘I will increase pensions’ he is lying, he will not do it,” he said.

“Its program will cause mass unemployment, drive away international investors and it cannot stand on a budgetary basis,” he added.

“Its basic principles have not changed: it is a racist program that aims to divide society,” he concluded.

Source: News Beast