France is still waiting for its new government

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France is on standby: the reshuffle, the new government, Prime Minister Bourne, President Macron. In the middle of all this, Chancellor Soltz arrives tomorrow.

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Pending! The French are still waiting for Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne’s “government number 2”. He will have to proceed with a reshuffle to replace at least four ministers who were forced to resign.

Everyone expected the wait to end on Friday when Emmanuel Macron returned from his travels. On leaving, he had tasked the prime minister with organizing an “action government”. In the 5th French Republic, however, nothing is done without the approval of the boss.

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Thus, two weeks after the parliamentary elections, the president and the prime minister are still discussing… The reshuffle combined with the preventive check on the morale of the newly appointed so that there are no unpleasant surprises is a headache.

Reformation and Solz visit

However, the margins are narrowing, the first cabinet is scheduled for Wednesday, a reshuffle is expected tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. On Wednesday, the Prime Minister’s speech on her general policy is scheduled in Parliament.

It is unknown whether he will, as usual, ask for the confidence of MPs, who for the time being are grumbling even about the offices that correspond to them, while hot topics such as inflation, the rise of covid, hospitals and purchasing power, remain permanently on hold.

In the midst of all this, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is also expected in Paris tomorrow to meet French President Emmanuel Macron. On the agenda will be bilateral issues, the war in Ukraine and the coordination of movements against Russia. Olympia Tsipiras, Paris

Source: Deutsche Welle

Source: Capital

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