France: Macron asks Prime Minister Bourne to propose a new government

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French President Emmanuel Macron is seeking to form a new government in early July, which may include people outside his party, according to an interview with AFP.

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Macron asked Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne to propose a new “government” by the end of next week and reaffirmed his confidence in Bourne in the long run, AFP said in a Twitter post, according to Reuters.

The president rejected Bourne’s resignation on Tuesday, in the wake of the ruling party’s election defeat last week, in which he lost an absolute majority in parliament.

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Macron has not ruled out the planned reform of his pension system, which he said would mean “working harder like all our neighbors do,” according to the interview.

Another reform will focus on “full employment”.

Under pressure to build compromises, Macron tried to reach out to political opponents, but so far it has not been possible to form an alliance.

Source: Capital

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