France: Macron wants to throw Erdogan out of Libya

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan tried to hide his non-participation in the Paris Conference on Libya, in the fact that countries were invited that, according to the Turkish President, do not have any role or reason. It seems, however, through the invitation of the French President to the foreign leaders, that the goals set for the future of Libya are being recorded and which are not moving in the same direction as the goals that Erdogan wants to serve.

One of the main goals of France is to move Libya through democratic processes to the emergence of a new government and parliament, and on the other hand to pave the way for the removal of foreign forces and mercenaries on Libyan soil. taking advantage of the civil strife of previous years. At the same time, France wants greater stability in the wider region through the summit. And the French plans seem to exclude Turkey and the role that Erdogan seeks to play.

The Paris Conference will take place on 12 November and will be co-chaired by France, Germany, Italy and the UN. The conference is taking place in view of the general elections (presidential and parliamentary) to be held in Libya on December 24, 2021, according to the timetable agreed by the Libyans themselves.

The Paris Conference will be convened at the level of Heads of State or Government. The invited countries are the participants in the Berlin Process, Libya’s southern neighbors (Chad, Niger and Sudan), as well as Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Malta, Qatar and Spain. Key Libyan officials will also be invited, including representatives of the interim executive. Finally, the Conference will ensure that a voice is given to civil society representatives from Libya and to all actors in the political arena.

At the invitation of French President Emanuel Macron to foreign leaders, it is noted that the focus of the conference will be the full implementation of the ceasefire agreement of October 23, 2020, the implementation of the United Nations arms embargo and issues related to Libya’s security and stability by integrating them into the country’s regional environment. In his letter, the French President also stressed that the conference will work for fair and transparent management of resources throughout the country, while the action of all against human trafficking and migrants will be strengthened.

An announcement prepared by France states, among other things:

– Based on positive developments, such as the reopening of the Sirte-Misrata road, the Paris Conference will aim to proceed with the withdrawal of all foreign forces and soldiers.

– The participants will reiterate their support for all of Libya ‘s efforts to stabilize the country, including security sector reform and military integration.

– Close coordination between the Libyan Authorities, Libya’s neighboring countries and the international community will be crucial to achieving these goals. The Paris Conference aims to give the regional dimension of the crisis in Libya all the attention it deserves.

Ensuring fair and transparent resource management throughout Libya is the key to tackling the other causes of the crisis in the country. The Conference will push for renewed commitments for a transparent, equitable and equitable distribution of Libyan resources, for concrete steps to unify the Central Bank of Libya, and for improving the provision of basic services to the people of the south of Libya.

It is clear both in Macron’s letter and in the statement prepared by the French government that the goals set by this conference are to thwart Erdogan and Ankara’s plans, both within Libya and in Libya. as far as the surrounding area is concerned. The participation of both Cyprus and Greece in the conference, as neighboring countries or as countries affected by the crisis, is a blow to Turkey’s Libyan agenda.

Next is a quadripartite Foreign Minister in Athens

France is determined to play a leading role in the wider Mediterranean region and this can be seen both through the Paris Conference and its wider behavior.

Immediately after the Conference, the French Foreign Minister Le Drian will be in Athens where on November 18 he will have talks with his Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias. They will meet in the Greek capital a day later, on Friday, November 19, where a quadripartite ministerial meeting will take place between Greece, France, Cyprus and Egypt.

Through the Athens meeting, he will send the message that the four countries insist on deepening cooperation at all levels, supporting the energy plans of the Eastern Mediterranean and, above all, on consolidating security and stability in this critical region.



Source From: Capital

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