France managed to rein in Google

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Google has agreed to make changes to some of its owned and widely used online advertising services in an unprecedented agreement with the French competition authority.

The agreement follows a € 220 million fine imposed by anti-monopoly authorities on Google following an investigation that revealed that the company had abused its dominant position in the online advertising market.

The source calls the decision of the French supervisory authority an attempt to change the balance in the struggle for power over online advertising in favor of publishers who dominated the advertising business before the arrival of the Global Network, but lost their positions with the rise of Google and Facebook.

The supervisor said its decision opens up an opportunity for publishers who felt disadvantaged to seek damages from Google. Many publishers around the world have expressed dissatisfaction with the practices of the tech giants.

“The decision to impose sanctions on Google is particularly significant because it is the world’s first decision to focus on the complex algorithmic processes on which the online advertising business depends,” said Isabelle de Silva, head of the French antitrust agency. She also said that the amount of the fine was reduced in connection with the settlement of the dispute, but did not provide the initial amount. But it is known that under the terms of the settlement, Google will not try to appeal the decision in court.


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