France-MPs: Macron is in danger of losing the absolute majority

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Emanuel Macron had relaxed after his victory at the end of April for the presidency. The campaign for the MPs did not seem to concern him much, given that in the MPs it is customary for the French to give the majority to the party of the winning president, so that he can govern and there is no cacophony in parliament.

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Marin Lepen also seemed relaxed, preferring to take a few days off and limit herself to her constituencies in Pas de Calais and Henin Beaumont, where she is a candidate hoping to win in the first round of parliamentary elections, which is important for her.

After the lack of a substantial campaign for the presidency (due to Macron’s refusal to participate in a debate), a new feeling of deprivation was in danger of gripping the French for a “non-existent campaign” again. But the unexpected happened … with the Melanson firework.

Popular Union “Nipes” against the coalition “Together”

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In the quiet political arena, “with all shades of gray”, after the re-election of Emanuel Macron, in which the French participated fatally to avoid Marin Le Pen, a hope shone on the horizon for all the deprived leftist consciences: The leftists, ecologists, communists and disobedient) descend together with the veteran of the Left Melanson, under the roof of a New Popular Ecological and Social Union, called “Nipes” (from the initials of the name in French). There were many (in the governing majority) who initially smiled ironically at Nippes, but when the rolling daily polls began to show her steadily gaining points, the smiles stopped.

In order to win the absolute majority, ie 289 seats out of a total of 577, Emanuel Macron also formed a political coalition, uniting 7 small parties, the most important of which: Renaissance, Modem, Horizons, Agir. He gave the coalition the name “Ensemble” which translates to “Together”. For days, the Popular Union “Nipes” has been chasing the “Together” coalition with the aim of depriving it of an absolute majority. Today the step was taken: The latest Ifop-Fiducial poll for the LCI channel predicts for Macron’s “Together” coalition 250-290 seats from 270-310 at the end of May. Danger therefore not to conquer the 289 for the absolute majority. On the same dates, “Nipes” saw it go up to seats with the gap 195-230, while at the end of May it gathered 170-205.

“The police are killing” … Melanson is scared!

The realization that the danger is coming from his left, made Emanuel Macron mobilize for the last three days, strongly attacking Melanson. Aside from the president’s financial arguments for his opponent’s plan as “unworkable”, the leader of the Rebels Melanson himself gave him a shake-up with his shocking statement to the police the day before yesterday: “The police are killing” he said, on the occasion the death of a young girl last Sunday from the fire of 3 police officers, while she was sitting in the back seat of a car. The reason was the check on the driver who was not wearing a seat belt, “refused to comply” and did not stop the car, according to the police. Justice launched an investigation, but the police officers were released.

Melanson’s phrase, cut off from the context, provoked a barrage of reactions from the right, the far right and the governing majority, with strong comments about the “scare” Melanson. Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne herself reacted by calling Melanson’s systematic attack on the police “unacceptable”. He of course insisted: “I say it, it is not possible to kill for non-compliance”, recalling that within four months there were 4 deaths for “non-compliance”.

On the eve of the first round, some considered it a risk for Melanson to make such a comment to the police. Others believe the opposite, that it was targeted, betting on the awakening of a portion of the electorate, especially in the suburbs, where the fate of the first round could be played.

Olympia Tsipira, Paris

Source: Deutsche Welle

Source: Capital

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