France: Pension crisis deepens – Proposition of censure by far-right National Alarm

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MPs from a small independent parliamentary group announced today the submission to the French National Assembly of a “cross-party» motion of censure at the expense of the government reacting to the initiation by the executive power of a process of adoption, without a vote, of the reform of pension systemic.

“THE a vote in favor of this motion of censure will allow us to get out of a deep political crisis” Liot group leader Bertrand Pancer told reporters, regretting that “the LR (right) colleagues are not signing” the proposal.

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About 15 Liot MPs are the first of the 91 signatories to the text, among which are also MPs from four opposition parties that make up the left-wing Nupes coalition.

“A vote in favor of the motion of censure means a vote against retirement at 64 and the fall of the government. He who sows chaos reaps reproach!”, reacted the leader of the deputies of Anipotahti of France (LFI, Radical Arostera), Mathilde Banner.

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“I regret that LR colleagues do not sign this proposal. I hope that there will be many who will vote for her,” said Panser, who tried until the last moment to convince the right-wing MPs.

The MPs of the National Alarm (RN, far-right) in their turn submitted today a motion of censure against the government.

“And we will vote on all the motions of censure that will be presented,” underlined MP Lor Lavalette.

For the government to fall, a motion of censure must gather an absolute majority in the National Assembly, i.e. 287 votes.

It would mainly require around thirty MPs from the right-wing party The Republicans (LR), out of a total of 61, to vote in favor, a case that does not seem likely.

Source: News Beast

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