France poll: 30% of left-wing Melanson voters will vote for Macron

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France enters the final stretch for the election, on April 24, of the President of the Republic for the next five years, with Emanuel Macron appearing in all the “Ganian” polls. Many will certainly be judged by the televised duel of the two candidates next Wednesday, which is expected to be watched by more than 15 million French people, who watched it in 2017. And more will watch it because in 2017 Macron’s dominance over Le Pen was discounted, while now it ‘s just plausible. The only case in which Macron does not prevail is the voters of the left-wing candidate Melanson in the first round, preferring in the second round, to a large extent, abstention and at the same time many of those who did not want to vote in the first round to vote in the second round en masse Lepen. Something that does not seem possible.

Meanwhile, Emanuel Macron started on Monday and after his tours in the French countryside, where apparently wanting to change the image of the “distant” and the “candidate of the rich”, he chose what the French call “swimming in the crowd”. As a result, in his meetings with citizens, he sometimes heard “out of the box” about his ideas about raising the retirement age, while Marin Le Pen, who willingly and unwillingly did so, heard them from French Muslims in which she wanted to ban the right to circulate in public with the traditional “headscarf”. In general, however, this first week after the first round of the presidential election, Macron tried to show that he is quite close to some ideas of the left and much more of the Ecologists, and Lepen that he does not belong to the extreme right, nor is he so rigid in relation to the past. However, Macron did not fail to accuse Lepen of authoritarianism and extremism.

“These criticisms make me smile because we have never had a president who showed more signs of extremism than Emanuel Macron,” Lepen said, referring to police action against political demonstrations, such as the mobilization of yellow vests.

Meanwhile, consultations continue between politicians who either did not make it to the second round or did not run in the run-up to the June parliamentary elections, which will determine whether the new French president will be able to govern on his own or will be forced to run. so-called cohabitation with a prime minister from another party. The apparent collaboration of Melanson’s party with environmentalists and communists increases the chances of non-autonomy, as based on the results of the first round of the presidential election, the sum of the three brings them first in many constituencies. In the first round of the presidential election, however, Macron came first in 256 constituencies, Le Pen in 206 and Melanson in 104 constituencies.

Finally, similar consultations seem to exist between former President Nicolas Sarkozy and the current president, even if the latter denies them, bearing in mind that next Sunday he needs Melanson’s voters. According to a BVA poll, nine days before the second round, the majority of Jean-Luc Melanson’s voters are considering either abstaining (30%) or voting white (22%). However, those who will go to the polls are much more likely to vote for Emanuel Macron (30%) than for Marin Le Pen (18%).

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

Source: Capital

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