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France shocked by the death of 7-year-old Imran, who was found almost frozen in the bathroom – His father is accused of murder

Shocked is the public opinion in France in recent days as authorities try to solve the case of the death of 7-year-old Imran in the city of Perpignan.

The boy’s father was initially arrested by the police after Imran was found dead, nearly frozen in the bathroom of the family’s home. Now, however, he is accused of murder. In addition, he is also accused of attempted murder and his two daughters, aged 3 and 4.

The dead child was found in the bathroom of the apartment on Thursday (14/9) with his body curled up, bruised and partially frozen, prosecutors announced Sunday. The 28-year-old father of 7-year-old Imran was detained pending trial, according to French media, citing statements by district attorney Jean-David Cavag.

The father is also accused of attempted murder for both of his daughters, aged three and four. Meanwhile, the boy’s paternal uncle and paternal grandmother are accused of failing to report the crime. They have not been remanded in custody, but have been placed under judicial control.

Regarding the health of the two young girls, who were both hospitalized, the medical tests “revealed multiple marks on the body and face”the prosecutor said.

The conclusions from the forensic examination

After the forensic examination of the boy’s body, it was not possible to determine the exact date of his death. “We have only drawn very partial conclusions and additional expert research into the condition of the body needs to be done.”, the prosecutor said. In fact, according to the same information, no results are expected for several months.

In the meantime, Imran’s mother and grandmother are receiving psychological support, the prosecutor said. The circumstances of the boy’s murder have not yet been clarified.

Source: News Beast

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