France-Spain: Thousands take to the streets in several cities to express support for Ukraine

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Thousands of people demonstrated today, for the second day in a row, in several European cities, denouncing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In Brussels, about 5,000 people took to the streets holding Ukrainian flags. “Stop the war” and “Europe, courage, act now” were the placards held by the gathered people. Some wore yellow flowers on the lapel with blue ribbons, the colors of Ukraine.

In Toulouse, a city twinned with Kyiv, protesters raised a huge Ukrainian flag. They also held portraits of Russian President Vladimir Putin, with red spots on them symbolizing blood. They also demanded, by symbolically spreading a blue tulle of 25 square meters, “to close the airspace” of Ukraine.

In northern France, another 5,000 people gathered in Caen, the monument to the 1944 Allied landing in Normandy. “People of Ukraine, we will not abandon you. Democracy, freedom, peace,” they wrote on the banner they held.

In Spain, demonstrations took place in Madrid, Barcelona and other cities, demanding an end to the invasion. “Close the skies, not the eyes” and “NATO, protect the Ukrainian skies” or “Stop Putin, stop the war” were the placards held by the approximately 800 people gathered in Barcelona.

“They are attacking, destroying and killing civilians for no reason,” said Natalia Brodowska, a 45-year-old Ukrainian lawyer who has lived in Spain for the past eight years.

“It’s horrible, we can not sleep or eat. I think all Ukrainians feel that way. But the situation of those in Ukraine is worse,” he added.

In Belgrade, several hundred people gathered to express their support for Ukraine, two days after the pro-Putin demonstration and the invasion. “We want to save the image of Belgrade because what happened on Friday (the pro-Russian demonstration) is a disgrace,” commented 46-year-old mathematician Zdravko Jankovic.

About 100 people also protested against the war in Skopje.

On Saturday, thousands of people took to the streets in Paris, New York, Rome, Zurich and other cities.

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Source: Capital

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