France: The country records a large increase in Covid-19 cases

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The number of new cases of Covid-19 in France announced today by the health authorities jumped to 147,248, recording an increase of 54% more than a week ago, against the background of the “seventh wave” of the epidemic in Europe.

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This is the highest level of infection diagnosed in the country since the end of April. Seven days ago, the French health authorities announced almost 95,000 positive cases. And 35,000 daily cases for Tuesday, May 31, a month ago.

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A total of 15,496 Covid patients were admitted today, compared to 14,333 a week earlier.

Among them, 898 are hospitalized in intensive care units, compared to 841 a week ago.

Europe is facing a seventh wave of Covid-19, which is largely explained by the immune leakage of new variants, namely the strong ability to resist protection against vaccination and previous infections.

Source: Capital

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