Francesca: “Prof I don’t feel her anymore, and with her, sometimes, I don’t even feel myself anymore”


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“Prof I don’t feel it.”

This is the phrase that most students are used to saying.

But now we are no longer referring to connection problems, to an inefficient Wi-Fi or to our devices that often make it impossible to communicate with teachers. We refer to an absence, to one lack, to a void that is now spreading and becoming increasingly difficult to fill.

Prof I don’t feel her anymore, and with her, at times, I don’t even feel myself anymore. THEInitially the new way of doing school had captured my interest; it was an event that had upset my daily life.

But with the passage of time I began to accuse the first perplexities, doubts and uncertainties. In a situation of total anomaly, we tried in any way to make room for the normality we had always been used to, and this attempt proved to be a great failure.

The new way of doing school had to necessarily exclude the old in order to exist. But this was not understood: the result was terrible confusion of which we still participate today, after months of online lessons.

The feeling is that of running blindfolded: in addition to not knowing where we are headed, we are also subject to various dangers to which we cannot pay attention because, apparently, the interest is always and only focused on performance efficiency and never on the beauty and fullness of the path.

This attitude was evident in the presence, but like all the problems that flanked our life before Covid, they have considerably worsened, dragging enthusiasm and enthusiasm into the abyss. brilliance youth that allow children to respond to the call, to the call to live life.

The plate and the monotony of our days that are now consumed on our computer screen have weakened, after all this time, the spontaneous search for beauty: we respond to the teacher’s call, without being aware of being there. What surrounds us no longer receives emotional resonance and so, the most dreamers and rebels, take refuge in art.

Anything that can save our selves from circumstances atypical of this period it is the art that, with few tools, makes escape possible and, at the same time, immersion in our thoughts.

If with Dostevskij’s psychological approach to writing we can descend into our underground, with Picasso we sweep the dust of everyday life from our souls, lifting ourselves up and titanically rising on the negativities that afflict us just like the broom of Leopardi, finding life in solitude and desolation. The simple flower of the Poet reminds us of the simplicity, but at the same time the greatness of a flower, which, despite the destructive passage of the lava, is reborn, teaching us to always answer «here I’m»To the call of life.

Francesca Saliceti 5E Liceo Linguistico S. Quasimodo Magenta (MI): Clothing, clothing accessories

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