Francesco: “I would find it more dignified if they admitted that we will not go back to school”


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So, I’ll be honest, I never thought that the schools would really reopen on the 7th, nor the 11th, nor do I think they will reopen on the 25th, having said that, I am extremely annoyed by this endless postponement that has been going on since last February. I would find it much more dignified on the part of the government if they just admitted that we are not going back to school this year (a decision with which, in any case, I would not agree, but which I would find a hundred times more respectful towards us students than the continuous supercazzola to which we have been subjected for almost a year).

This government has proved incapable, not only by handling the pandemic terribly, but also by putting its own interests before those of its citizens, and completely ignoring the interests of us students, as we do not vote and do not bring money to the state.

Now, I know you are almost all wondering “what happened to the optimism of youth?” or “who are you, young man, who do not have the purity of all children?” or again “but what happened to relationships with your companions, friendships, loves?”. If you really want to know, I will answer you: optimism and purity have never been a thing of young people, as they are not a thing of anyone, it is just a pretext to prevent young people from thinking freely, for relationships, instead, well, that is a different kettle of fish: first of all, you have to know that I go to the first grade, or as we call it in the strange world that is the classical high school fourth gymnasium, in short, new school; new companions; and a little over a month to get to know them, it goes without saying that I barely know two, and for that I have not had time for friendships or loves.

Having said that, I greet you and thank you for taking some time to address this elaborate complaint of mine. Thanks.

Francesco Mucciarelli, Marco Minghetti High School, Bologna

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