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Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi, is it already a crisis? The clues that fuel the gossip

Not even the time to toast the first year of love, and here is the couple Naomi BocchiFrancesco Totti it’s already taken for granted. Or at least in a black crisis. So says the people of social media. Who noted that in the story between the two, linked by New Year’s Eve 2022, something is not right. By various clues. First: Noemi has stopped following Francesco on social media. Second: Bocchi on her Instagram profile He hasn’t posted anything in weeks: the latest posts date back to the dream vacation that the couple (ex couple?) had on New Year’s Eve between Miami and Bahamas along with his three children and her two. Third clue: the former Giallorossi captain no longer wears the same ring as his partner’s. Or rather, as sources close to Totti say, “he only wears it on a few occasions”. Those where he could be seen and photographed. Who is close to Francesco and Noemi speaks of bickeringbut does not explain whether the thing is solvable or not: it will probably be clarified by those directly involved, who will reappear together or announce the breakup.

The first to launch the voice of crisis, a few days ago, was the influencer Deianeira Marzano called “Miss Gossip”. Pointing out to his 400,000 followers that the Pupone he had attended a gala evening alone. Within a few hours, Marzano had backtracked («Super reliable sources, everything is ok between Totti and Noemi») but by now the doubt had begun to spread among the people of the social networks. Which, strengthened by the new clues, not only hypothesizes the break between Francesco and the new flame but also puts forward another hypothesis: the Captain, in reality, would still be in love with his ex-wife Ilary Blasi. However, for his part, he now seems happy with his new companion: the blond and rich German entrepreneur Bastian Muller.

Among so many speculations, there is only one certainty. Today, February 3, the former spouses Francesco and Ilary will find themselves face to face again. Nothing romantic though. This is a court meeting. For the second hearing of the now famous «challenge of Rolex and designer handbags».

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Source: Vanity Fair

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