Francesco Totti, Noemi Bocchi and the mystery of the engagement ring (from 300 thousand euros)

Francesco Totti, Noemi Bocchi and the mystery of the engagement ring (from 300 thousand euros)

THEL public debut of the new couple formed by Francesco Totti e Naomi Mouths dates back to a few days ago, when the two lovers showed up arm in arm on the red carpet of the Globe Soccer Awards held in Dubai. On that occasion Noemi, wearing a sexy black dress, sported some jewels including a heart-shaped diamond ring which, as he now reveals Whois worth the beauty of 300 thousand euros and it is a gift from Pupone. Inside the precious (minimum) 7/8 carat solitaire, the names of Francesco and Noemi would be engraved.

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The former Roma captain would have bought it from Fumis, a very central jeweler where he once chose gifts for his ex-wife Ilary Blasi. The purchase would date back to December 2021. And here something does not add up. Totti, in the famous interview given to Corriere della Serahe explained, among other things, that he had not been the first to betray, that the story with Ilary was over when in September 2021 he discovered compromising messages on her cell phone. And then, speaking of his new girlfriend Noemi Bocchi, he said that for months they were just friends: «Our story began after New Year’s Eve 2022». The expensive ring sported by Bocchi, on the other hand, according to rumors, was commissioned in December 2021. Did the ex-footballer’s relationship with Bocchi therefore start earlier? Or that ring, as some have speculated, was originally a gift for Ilary then recycled on the run? The latter hypothesis seems unlikely. According to Corriere della Serain fact, it would be a jewel created to measure for Noemi.

Net of the mystery about the timing of the gift, and the possible recipient, that heart-shaped diamond in Dubai appeared on Noemi’s finger. And she tells a lot about her love story with Francesco. In the meantime, his legal battle against Blasi continues. Last November 11th the former spouses found themselves face to face in court for the second hearing of the now famous «challenge of Rolex and designer handbags». And net of twists and turns in court, they will also meet again in 2023 for a judicial separation that promises to be a nightmare.

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