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Francesco Totti one of us: with Noemi Bocchi he takes a look at the stories of Ilary Blasi

Francis Totti on the one hand, Ilary Blasi on the other. In the middle a football field, not just in a metaphorical sense. The former player and the presenter, in fact, both showed up at their firstborn’s match, Christiantalent of Rome Spring. It is not known whether one knew the other’s intention, that is, whether they were aware that they would meet againi in the same public place for the first time since they separated. But that’s it.

According to reports, they did not leave the car in the same parking lot. And they climbed into the stands of the Tre Fontane Stadium using different inputs. He then seems to have settled into one area reserved for relatives, itogether with his partner Noemi Bocchie to a couple of friends, while she would have positioned herself closer to the pitch together with the son’s girlfriend, Melissa. They certainly didn’t have any interactions, yes completely ignored.

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Yet, the magical world of social he managed to bring them closer. They Despiteone might say, because neither of them did anything to create this bizarre connection. In fact, chance wanted Ilary to post a story about Instagram from the stadium and Noemi’s friend, sitting next to Totti, the smartphone was sticking out towards Pupone to show it to him. Tilting the screen enough to reveal it to the cameras as well Sportitalia that they were framing the quartet.

This resulted in a completely absurd scene Unwanted by those directly involved. Which were indeed in the same place, but – considering the situation and attitudes – nThey certainly didn’t want to be approached. Not even virtually. Because everyone has now taken their own path, closing with the past and looking forward. And yet here they are, them again, Totti and Ilary, again in the same shot: him live, in the flesh, she on a smartphone.

A few kilometers from villa in Eur, which they have shared for years. In the stands of a stadium, key location of their love. For ninety minutes so close, for an instant even in the same frame. But in truth, already very far away.

Source: Vanity Fair

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