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“Francis’ decision on Latin liturgies broke Benedict’s heart,” says his former secretary

A sensation was caused, in Italy, by the statements of the Catholic priest Georg Genswein, former secretary of the honorary Pope Benedict. In an interview with the German newspaper Die Tagespost, Father Georg stated that the decision of Pope Francis, which was received in 2021, to limit the possibility of performing the divine liturgy in Latin, “broke Benedict’s heart”.

“I think that reading this decision of Francis, Benedict’s heart was broken. The intention of Pope Benedict (who had liberalized the liturgy in Latin in 2007, s.s.), was only to help those who felt familiar with the old liturgy to find inner peace as well,” said the late pontiff’s secretary, reports APE-MPE.

Francis, however, with his decision, two years ago, condemned “the instrumentalization of the liturgy in the Latin language”, considering that this attitude indicated a rejection of the reforms adopted by the Second Vatican Council, which ended in 1965.

Source: News Beast

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