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Francis Ford Coppola denies misconduct on ‘Megalopolis’ set

Famed director Francis Ford Coppola has denied reports of misconduct on the set of his new epic film ‘Megalopolis’. “I’m not flamboyant,” said the American director, who shot his 140-minute film with his own resources and stars Adam Driver and Aubrey Plaza. On the eve of the premiere of “Megalopolis”, which is considered Coppola’s life’s work, The Guardian newspaper published a report, in which allegations of “chaotic behavior” are made on the set. According to the publication, the director was allegedly “pulling women to sit on his lap” and “trying to kiss them”. In a new interview with the New York Times, Francis Ford Coppola responded to the allegations by first citing his mother Italia’s advice. “My mother told me that if you aggressively flirt with a woman, it means you don’t respect her, and the girls I was in love with, I certainly did,” he said. Addressing the allegations against him, Francis Ford Coppola said there was a photo […]
Source: News Beast

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