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Francisco Gil and Alice Wegmann witness earthquake in Japan

Francisco Gil and Alice Wegmann witnessed, this Friday (1st), an earthquake during their trip to Japan.

In a report posted in the stories of his official Instagram profile, the singer reported that the duo was woken up by the noise of furniture shaking in the hotel.

“Are we happy? An important detail, we woke up today to an earthquake. It was our alarm clock, but it seems to have been weak and that's normal. But like that, it shook everything, it woke us up. Alice said it was an earthquake, and I laughed because I didn’t believe it,” she wrote.

The actress of “Orphans of the Earth” and “Rensga Hits!” he explained that his friend took a while to understand that it was an earthquake, the shock was so weak.

“Francisco thought it was just a couple at the right time in the next room, but it was an earthquake,” said Alice.

The two are best friends and are visiting restaurants and historical sites in Japan. Francisco Gil is the son of Preta Gil and grandson Gilberto Gil, as well as being a member of the Gilsons.

Source: CNN Brasil

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