Franco Escamilla is “cancelled” for making sexist comments on his podcast COVER 17:20

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Users on social networks have asked to cancel the comedian Franco Escamilla for the comments made in the fifth episode of his podcast I’m boredwhich is entitled “How to make your partner fall in love”.

In this episode, the comedian talked about what a woman should do, according to him, to win over a man: have sex, cook something delicious, and remain quiet.

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In it podcastthe comedian spoke of the emotional needs of men, which should be met by women, since there are only three of them and, furthermore, they are very simple: food, sex and silence.

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To support his argument, Escamilla quoted the American actor Chris Rock, who assures that men only need the three things already mentioned to be happy.

Let’s take a little while, cook me something delicious and shut your mouth.

– Franco Escamilla

Franco Escamilla, comedian, in stand up

As if that were not enough, Escamilla added that there is no better proof of love than being silent for five minutes and concluded by stating that if women want a positive response from men, they should be groomed and wear a skirt.

After the controversial comments, users of social networks asked to cancel the comedian, pointing out that he is macho and misogynistic, since his words reduce and minimize the value of women.

So far Escamilla has not appeared to apologize or retract his comments. However, her personal accounts on her social networks have already been filled with comments against her.

Source: Okchicas

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