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Fraudster used Stargate vote for phishing attack

An unknown person posted an announcement about the Stargate vote containing a phishing link. More than 1,000 people became victims of the scammer, experts from the PeckShield platform report.

About the incident told moderator of the Discord channel of the LayerZero project. He noted that the attacker bought 50,000 STG to gain access to create a voting proposal on the Snapshot website. After this, he published an announcement about the launch of the first phase of gSTG token distribution.

Announcement of the launch of the first phase of distribution of the gSTG token, containing a phishing link. Source: LayerZero Discord.

The ad contained a phishing link that led to a fraudulent website. More than 1,000 users followed it, the source notes.

As a result of the incident, the fraudster took possession of more than $43,000 in assets. At the time of writing, the wallet balance continues to grow and has already reached $63,000, according to DeBank. The address contains over 17,700 ARB, 4587 OP, 2.65 ETH and some other assets.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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