The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has published an announcement warning about fake law firms promising to get scammers or government agencies to return lost crypto assets.

The law enforcement agency spoke about a “new criminal scheme”: scammers pose as authorized lawyers of government agencies, including the FBI, and offer assistance in the return of previously lost, confiscated digital assets. The criminals targeted victims of crypto fraudsters seeking to get their funds back.

“According to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center, from February 2023 to February 2024, victims of cryptocurrency scams who sought help from bogus law firms reported losses totaling more than $9.9 million,” the FBI announcement said. .

Most often, scammers found their victims on social networks, Internet chats and by luring them to fake websites where victims tried to get legal help. The FBI advised to be wary of advertisements for cryptocurrency return services, especially those that use vague language but make promises to return funds. Especially in cases where pseudo-lawyers require clients to make an advance payment, as well as provide sensitive financial information and personal data.

The FBI previously warned about scammers who offer “dream jobs from home” and convince potential employees to transfer cryptocurrency.