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Fraudsters used the image of a Binance top manager to deceive victims

The attackers tried to deceive the owners of crypto projects using a deepfake with the face of the director of public relations of the largest crypto exchange in the world.

As reported by Patrick Hillmann on the Binance blog, the scammers held a series of video calls via Zoom with several representatives of cryptocurrency projects, discussing the terms of placement on the exchange. To create the impression of communicating with the top manager of the site, the scammers used an image that changes with the help of artificial intelligence, which replaced the face in the video.

The scam came to light when some project representatives contacted Hillmann to thank him for facilitating the Binance listing. In response, he stated that he was hearing about projects for the first time, since he did not participate in the listing procedure on the trading floor. Hillmann did not specify which cryptocurrency projects were affected by the actions of scammers, and how much money the attackers were able to receive fraudulently. He warned that criminals could act on behalf of Binance employees on various social networks, so he called for caution.

Binance does not involve third parties for listing, Hillmann explained, all requests for listing are accepted through a special page. To avoid a phishing attack, the user must ensure that they are on the official Binance website and not on a fake domain.

“Prior to being listed on Binance, cryptoassets go through rigorous background checks. There are no workarounds for bringing your project to the exchange. If someone claims to be a Binance representative and offers an easy route to a listing, please report it to our support team immediately,” advises Hillmann.

In February, Binance management warned customers about phishing emails on behalf of the exchange. In July, Kaspersky Lab urged not to trust fake videos about the distribution of bitcoins in honor of the 30th anniversary of Nvidia, which are published allegedly on behalf of the company.

Source: Bits

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