Freedom24 brings to Greece the IPO of the fastest growing digital bank in the world

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The Brazilian digital bank Nubank, makes its debut on the New York Stock Exchange. According to analysts, the value of Nubank can skyrocket, bringing significant profits to investors.

Nubank started operations in 2013, with an investment by billionaire investor David Velez. Initially, the bank offered credit cards without fees and gradually proceeded to provide insurance, issue loans and offer savings accounts. It quickly conquered the Brazilian market, offering its services for free, unlike local financial institutions. He then entered other Latin American countries. Today, several hundred thousand users use its services and many more are waiting for the bank to start operating in their country. In eight years, the bank now has more than 48 million users, while on average it expands its customer base by 2 million new customers every month. It is worth noting that Warren Buffet invested over Nubank over $ 500 million!

The company’s potential valuation after the IPO is estimated to reach $ 50 billion, while the current valuation is already close to $ 30 billion, which ranks Nubank among the most valuable digital banks in the world.

According to experts, such a high valuation is just the beginning. The Latin American market still has a lot of untapped potential and Nubank is preparing for global expansion as it now plans to enter other markets with investments of up to $ 45 million.

How to invest in Nubank IPO

Greek investors can participate in the debut of Nubank, on the New York Stock Exchange through the website, through the online investment platform of Freedom Finance Europe, whose activities are supervised and regulated by the American Hellenic Capital Market Commission, ensuring maximum transparency and security of transactions.

For the process of participating in the IPO, it is enough to create an account on the Freedom24 platform. The IPO applications of Nu Holdings Ltd. are already accepted during this period, until 7.12.2021 at 19:00 ‘. The minimum investment amount is $ 2000. More information about Nubank’s IPO and its participation can be found at:

What is an IPO?

The IPO is the “Initial Public Offering”, ie the offering of shares to investors before the start of trading of these shares on the stock exchange. A public offering is mainly used to raise new capital from institutional or private investors who intend to invest in the company. Although the process has many advantages, the preparation of the IPO, which is usually undertaken by investment banks, to determine the value of the shares and the entry into the trading table, requires the fulfillment of many requirements and the payment of additional court costs.

Source From: Capital

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