French energy giants warn of energy savings in winter

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The CEOs of Electricite de France, Engie and Total urged French companies and consumers to save electricity, gas and oil immediately to better prepare for winter amid growing concerns about shortages associated with the invasion. of Russia in Ukraine, according to Bloomberg

“We need to take collective action on energy demand by reducing our consumption to regain room for maneuver,” Jean-Bernard Levy, Catherine MacGregor and Patrick Pouyanne said in a joint opinion article in Le Journal du Dimanche on Sunday. “We will need them to manage the upcoming consumption peaks and to smooth over the technical events or the geopolitical upheavals we may face.”

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The action as early as this summer, mainly by maintaining gas reserves, will make France better prepared for this winter, wrote the bosses of the country’s largest energy groups. France must immediately make a huge collective effort to boost energy efficiency, which in turn will increase household purchasing power and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they wrote. The country needs to invest heavily in low-carbon energy, while Europe needs to strengthen its electricity and gas connections, they said.

The call comes after the French government announced on Thursday that it would meet with companies and local authorities to come up with a plan to curb energy use this autumn. It also plans to introduce a bill in the coming weeks to boost the growth of renewable energy sources and is pressuring gas companies to fill their warehouses as soon as possible.

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Source: Capital

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