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French kiss, what it is and how to give it: the infallible technique

The perfect kiss? The “French” one. At least as far as the male population is concerned. In several studies on the most common ways of kissing between men and women, the evolutionary psychologist Gordon Gallup of the University of Albany has in fact discovered that men are more likely to initiate a kiss with the tonguepreferring the French kiss to the mold kiss.
The scientific theory behind this discovery is answered by testosterone. According to the study, the
men have small amounts of testosterone in their saliva and «in the exchange of saliva – which can
take place over the course of weeks, months or years – the traces of hormone present could also increase testosterone levels in women and consequently their receptivity and libido”, explained Gallup.

On the day in which theInternational Kissing Daythen, eye to eye, heart to heart and mutual contact of that very sensual part of the body with millions of ultra-sensitive receptors.
In fact, the French kiss, or French kiss, is undoubtedly the most intimate part of the courtship ritual. The very idea represents an aphrodisiac for the mind and the heart, a natural detonator of passion. Let's be clear: French kissing doesn't necessarily have to lead to sex, but it can still be an exciting, fulfilling and intensely romantic experience. The important thing is to take into consideration two or three things that perhaps we never reflect on enough.

How to recognize the right time for a kiss

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HE A man should never “plan” a kiss, of course! However, it may be essential to create the right conditions so that it can happen in complete tranquility. That is: alone, when there is a pause in the conversation and you are looking into each other's eyes. To facilitate this moment, get away from the crowd by choosing a place that makes you both feel comfortable.
SHE Approach or sit next to your partner, make eye contact and let the conversation stop naturally… You will be able to recognize together with him when it is “the right moment”.

First step: focus on the lips

SHE The first thing we usually think of when we say “French kiss” is the tongue. In fact, it shouldn't come into play right away. The right move is to start softly, following your partner's signals.
HE Start by lightly kissing the surface of your partner's lips (upper lip, lower lip, or both).

Tongue in small doses

SHE For the initial contact, a kiss that doesn't involve the tongue is also fine. When you feel ready to move on to the next level, just open your mouth slightly and gently touch your partner's tongue with yours. Let the tips of the tongues “play” together, without going further.
HE A typical rookie mistake is to stick your entire tongue in her mouth! This will, at best, create an embarrassing moment, at worst it will give rise to an embarrassing anecdote that your partner will tell for years! When it comes to language, using it only partially and vigorously can be very exciting!

And the hands?

This is a delicate moment: be careful where you put your hands! The best place is along the neck, on the jaw, around the waist or behind the head.
HE Using your hands while kissing helps make the atmosphere more romantic, tender and sensual. If you want to be extra romantic, take her face in your hands.
SHE Keeping your hands aside would be a shame and you would miss an opportunity to make your partner feel more than just your tongue!

Apnea no, thanks!

SHE From time to time, it will be helpful to take breaks and look your partner in the eyes. To get some fresh air, exchange a smile, savor the moment.
HE Small breaks will serve to slow down the pace. And creating softer times – as a good lover knows – makes things extremely sexy!

Password: variety

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Beautiful young sensual couple holding hands leaning on wall, loving millennial affectionate man and woman getting closer to kiss each other teasing enjoying tenderness and intimacy, feeling desirefizkes

HE SHE Alert: Don't leave your lips or tongue in the same place for more than a couple of seconds! The initial excitement of the kiss can turn into something boring very quickly if you don't change your style a little! Use your tongue to delicately explore all the soft and sensual points of your partner's mouth, but remember: don't push too far forward and don't open your mouth too much.

Laughter releases the tension

SHE You may be tempted to laugh or say something funny to release tension and hide your nervousness. Welcome! Your partner may be nervous in the same way and this will serve to ease the general tension.
HE From a purely physical point of view, kissing can also be a rather funny thing. Being aware of this is good!

When to stop?

SHE First time with a new him? Make sure it doesn't last too long.
HE If it went well, there will be many more opportunities to kiss her. If you didn't stay long, she'll want to kiss you again!

Source: Vanity Fair

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