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French PM set to resign today after left-wing wins general election

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal is expected to resign from office on Monday (8). The action was confirmed on Sunday (7), after exit polls showed that his political camp “did not obtain a majority tonight”, as he acknowledged in a speech.

An ally of President Emmanuel Macron, the French politician also stated that he “will offer his resignation to the President” and that he will continue to perform his duties “for as long as necessary”.

Attal also stated that in this legislature the French parliament will be stronger than ever and that no majority could be formed “by extremist parties”.

Exit polls indicate that the left-wing coalition New Popular Front won the largest number of seats in the National Assembly, but that it will still be necessary to form alliances to guarantee an absolute majority in the body.

Victory of the left-wing coalition in France

The New Popular Front won 182 seats in parliament, according to the vote count in the second round of the country’s legislative elections.

Emmanuel Macron’s centrist alliance, Ensemble, came in second with 168 seats, while the far-right National Rally won 143.

None of the three coalitions achieved an absolute majority of 289 seats therefore, the formation of a new government must be negotiated.

Amid the results of the vote count, French far-right leader Marine Le Pen said on Sunday (7) that France “lost another year” to reduce immigration, insecurity and discuss purchasing power, after her party, the National Rally (RN), suffered a turnaround against left-wing rivals in the legislative elections.

Lula celebrates the results of the elections in France

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) celebrated the result of the parliamentary elections in France, with previews pointing to the victory of the coalition formed by left-wing parties.

“Very happy with the demonstration of greatness and maturity of the political forces of France that united against extremism in today’s legislative elections,” wrote Lula on his official X account.

The president also compared the movement in France to the rise of British Labour Prime Minister Keir Starmer, after his victory over the Conservative Party last week.

“This result, as well as the victory of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom, reinforces the importance of dialogue between progressive segments in defense of democracy and social justice. They should serve as an inspiration for South America.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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